Experimenting with Google

Experimenting with Google+ Photos

One reason I enjoy working for Volume Integration is the people and the way they care for each other. A recent addition to our benefits package is an allowance for public transit with SmartBenefits loaded onto my SmarTrip card.

I have been using this incentive and enjoy having someone else drive me to work while I work on my company-provided laptop. Blogging and taking pictures on my way to the office is preferable to the stress of navigating traffic. Plus, I’m doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint.

When I enrolled in SmartBenefits, I expected all of the perks above, but I have found unexpected benefits too. Now I am able to watch the sunrise every morning as I transfer from the bus to the Metro, take pictures with my iPhone, and experiment with Google+ Photos.

I am running the Google+ app on my phone, which I have set to back up my photos automatically. Once Google+ gets the photos, it changes them in interesting ways. They call it AutoAwesome.

Into the Sunrise







Tysons Corner Metro Station – Brad Johnson / httptot.wowak.com


Tysons Corner Moving Train

Google+ Photos analyzes the photos and performs various enhancements. I’ve been surprised by what they can produce with automated algorithms including animated GIFs from a series of shots, a panorama from adjacent pictures with a humorous result, and an enhanced image by applying a series of filters.

But sometimes the “enhancements” do not turn out so well:

Not Like the Other


Shifting Perspective

Vertigo on the Metro

Warped Sunrise

So I keep taking pictures to see what Google is going to do with them. The photos have become a great resource to enhance these blog posts.

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