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JSON Joins - jq

Manipulation of JSON files is an interesting challenge but it is much easier than trying to manipulate XML files. I was given two files that were lists of JSON objects. The two files had a common key that could be used to join the files together called business_id. The object was to flatten out the […]

Forking and Threading in Ruby

There is a fantastic restaurant chain in the DC area called Great American Restaurants. They have received numerous awards for their food, their service and their work environment. However, their service is one of the primary reasons I love going to their restaurants. They have an innovative team method of taking care of tables. Basically, […]

Build an Arduino Robot

There is nothing like seeing a program you wrote interact with the physical world. For this lab experiment you can make and program your own robot. An Arduino robot. I began with instructions for the micro robot from Greece but realized my soldering skills are lacking. But it did give me an idea for the […]

A Better Web Server with Free SSL

In researching the best way to get our conversations on our Rocket Chat server encrypted I ran across the most innovative web server I have seen. In our previous posts on Rocket Chat on Raspberry Pi 2 I describe how to install it all but left the SSL configuration until now. I found that the […]

Making maps with D3

I used D3 to build a data driven map. The goal was to build a map using D3 using data from a service. The service provides a JSON file, which consists of place names and a count of documents. The place names are country names or US states, as in the following sample: [{“id”:121,”value”:”iran”,”count”:2508},{“id”:88,”value”:”washington”,”count”:1778}] Overview I started with […]