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Volume Analytics Chaos Control

Volume Analytics Chaos Control Volume Analytics is a software tool used to build, deploy and manage data processing applications. Volume Analytics is a scalable data management platform that allows the rapid ingest, transformation, and loading high volumes of data into multiple analytic models as defined by your requirements or your existing data models. Volume Analytics […]

SAP HANA Query Builder On Apache Zeppelin Demo

In working with Apache Zeppelin I found that users wanted a way to explore data and build charts without needing to know SQL right away. This is an attempt to build a note in Zeppelin that would allow a new data scientist to get familiar with the data structure of their database. And it allows […]

Visualizing HANA Graph with Zeppelin

The SAP HANA database has the capability to store information in a graph. A graph is a data structure with vertex or nodes and edges. Graph structures are powerful because you can perform some types of analysis more quickly like nearest neighbor or shortest path calculations. It also enables faceted searching. Zeppelin has recently added […]

How to Animate an Auto-height Element

Animating an auto-height element seems like it should be fairly straightforward, however it seems I’m not the only one who has struggled with this particular issue.  The problem is usually some variant of the following: I have some element I would like to allow to vertically expand and collapse. The element has dynamic content – […]

Countering Computational Propaganda

Countering Computational Propaganda There is something new happening in computer science and social media. It is computational propaganda. Computational propaganda is the use of computer information systems for political purposes according to the journal Big Data. This would also include the efforts of governments to influence public opinion of another country in order to change […]