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Technology Inspiring Art

Technologists routinely get pegged in the geek category, but our roles also require us to come up with creative solutions to technical challenges. This creativity can help us extend into the realm of art. Recently, I used technology as a media for artistic expression while creating a sculpture entitled The Technologist. Inspiration Inspiration is so […]

Assessing Organizational Risk with CloudTrail

Recently, we’ve been experimenting with collecting CloudTrail data from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Here is a description of CloudTrail, according to the FAQ: AWS CloudTrail is a web service that records API calls made on your account and delivers log files to your Amazon S3 bucket. …CloudTrail provides visibility into user activity by recording API […]

10+ Surprising Geospatial Technologies

I’ve spent years in the geospatial arena, so I’m a bit of a geospatial technology geek. But now it seems like the rest of the world is increasingly interested in this technology too. You may remember the old latitude and longitude numbers that you learned about in school. Perhaps they didn’t seem very useful or […]

Searching Tweets with Ruby

(Twitter circle: Wikimedia Commons/Gabriel Chi Hong Lee, Ruby logo: Wikimedia Commons/Yukihiro Matsumoto) I’ve been working with Twitter a lot for the past couple of months. We use it for marketing, and it’s part of a software product we’re building. In our software development project, almost all of my Twitter interactions start with a search. Luckily, […]