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Best Entropy Generation Software for Linux

Randomness and entropy – why do computers need it? The key feature of entropy in computer information security is its unpredictability and uncertainty). The important part of keeping information in computers secure is an unpredictable key. The important part is unpredictability, true randomness is not as important. Like a safe it is important to pick […]

I Code Like a Girl

The American computer industry seems dominated by people like me – males. But it was not always this way, in fact I stand on the shoulders of women. While writing about SAGE in previous posts, I learned that at the beginning of the computer age, most programmers were women. My skills, including programming languages and […]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Computer

In the 1950s, the United States was worried about the threat of a Russian nuclear attack. But an Air Force computer helped allay those fears. SAGE My last post about oscilloscopes mentioned the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE), which was the technological savior of its time. SAGE was a system built in the 1950s to warn […]

Transforming Sound Into Sight

The simple idea that sound can be transformed into shapes fascinates me. How Does It Work? An oscilloscope provides a visual representation of sound or electronic waves. Typically, you see a wave pattern running from left to right. However, when you put the oscilloscope into x-y mode, one channel of sound produces a line on […]

War, What is it Good For?

Do you remember the Edwin Starr song “War” from 1969? The chorus repeats: War, huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, oh hoh, oh Well, war is good for at least one thing…maps! Wartime Maps Mapping data before computers was difficult and seems to have been a primary concern during war. In fact, […]

Experimenting with Google+ Photos

One reason I enjoy working for Volume Integration is the people and the way they care for each other. A recent addition to our benefits package is an allowance for public transit with SmartBenefits loaded onto my SmarTrip card. I have been using this incentive and enjoy having someone else drive me to work while […]

What's the Best Tool to Monitor Redis?

High volume services like Twitter, Pinterest, and Flickr use Redis to deliver small pieces of information very quickly. Redis is ideal for these applications because it stores data in memory and on disk at the same time. Retrieving data from the rows and columns of a database can be slow, so Redis stores data in […]

Cloud Management Demands an Organizational Shake-Up

The cloud is here. Most organizations now have contracts that allow for the construction of applications in a cloud environment. The cloud has promised lower costs, great efficiencies, and greater security. But these cost savings cannot be realized without simplifying the organizational structure. The Rules Have Changed Every new technology creates new processes. When the […]

Mapping an Epidemic

This map changed the way we see the world and the way we study science, nature, and disease. In August of 1854, cholera was ravaging the Soho neighborhood of London where John Snow) was a doctor. People were fleeing the area as they thought cholera was spread by gasses in the air or, as they […]