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Package Your WebApp

So you’re building modern web application. That most likely means you’re building a Single Page Application (SPA) in JavaScript and reading data from a server via REST. The REST server code could be implemented using any number of programming languages and technology stacks. There are a few schools of thought when it comes to developing […]

How Do You Host Website on Amazon AWS?

At Volume Labs we have been working to convert our site from WordPress to a static site. In doing this we determined that Hexo was the best tool for us. When considering where to deploy the new site we instantly thought of AWS because they have a way to host static pages right out of […]

Cats Love the Internet Of Things

Our cat loves the internet of things. In general Luna loves stealing little bits of things. She stole the cable installers coax cable connectors and the HVAC repair persons wire connectors. Now she is into the internet of things. These things meet her specifications they are small, easy to carry in one’s mouth and bonus […]

Writing Better Software

Programming is hard. Human brains are not wired to work like computers. Humans also have limited cognitive resources. Computers are only limited by the hardware they are built with. Regardless – until we reach the singularity – humans are responsible for programming computers and as a whole we are not doing a very good job […]

Raspberry Pi and Installing Arch Linux

Getting Arch Linux installed on a Raspberry Pi 2 was a challenge for me. Hopefully this post will help you set it up. Arch Linux is a very robust Linux version. It only installs the base default packages to get running. Everything else must be installed as it is needed. You may find yourself needing […]

Augmented Reality becomes Real

Will augmented reality devices prove themselves useful? So many big cool ideas in technology show some initial promise and either die or are adopted years later in some unique way. Consider the graphical interface, mouse and one handed keyboard invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1967. In this “Mother of All Demos“ he showed pieces of […]

Volume Integration Sponsors Education with Robots

We humans are fascinated with robots since at least the 10th century BC when Yan Shi is recorded to have created a human like automaton. Now we teach about robotics beginning in elementary school. Two popular technologies in our area are the First Lego League and the VEX Robotics Competition The competition consists of moving […]

You Need to Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is the most important programming language you can learn. Now before you summarily dismiss the rest of this article or begin rage commenting – take a breath… and give it 5 minutes. I’m not saying JavaScript doesn’t have problems and I’m not saying it’s necessarily the best programming language. I’m saying it’s the most […]